About Us

We have been offering a variety of solar electronics energy products throughout the UAE since 2015. In our sector, we are in charge. Since its inception, We have provided a wide range of solar electronics energy products throughout Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. We are the top online solar electronics product supplier in the UAE.

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What we really do?

In the UAE, we provide the best and highest-quality electronics solar energy products. We allow our clients to buy electronics solar energy products through us as an online marketplace. 

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Our Vision

Right now there is only one planet, and it is our legacy. Massive reliance on fossil fuel energy has resulted in permanent harm. It will grow worse the longer we wait. Why wouldn't we use the virtually endless sunlight that the UAE receives to help preserve the environment? Let's switch to solar energy as a group to live more sustainably.

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History of Beginning

We are committed to advancing the UAE Government's goal of supplying renewable energy and services with the highest levels of consistency, effectiveness, and security possible..

About HR solar

We think that the future of our planet lies in renewable energy. Our mission is to deliver to you high-quality solar energy items! We will be by your side at every stage to ensure that you are matched with the ideal product.

Our Platform

Our E-commerce platform enables our customers to buy solar energy items online. The customers benefit from knowing specifics about the numerous solar items they're shopping for.

History of the Company

HR Solar has endeavoured into the realm of sustainable energy since its establishment in 2015. We are renowned for our honesty and superior goods and services. Our presence in the solar industry supports the UAE's aim of a healthier energy mix and contributes to its climate goals. We are headquartered in Dubai and offer services throughout the nation. HR Solar is extremely profitable and owned entirely by its founder.

Our Policies

HR Solar is a business founded on steadfast beliefs and the highest ethical standards. It is our duty to carry out our duties with integrity, dependability, openness, and strict adherence to the law.

Please contact us at highresolution786@gmail.com if you have any comments about our policies.

What can we do for you ?

The HR Solar Service Specialist staff is ready around-the-clock to help you, and we value building personal relationships with our customers. We utilise the most up-to-date technology to communicate, so you may reach us by phone or online.

From a modest business that began operating in the market for solar energy goods in 2015, HR Solar has developed into a multi-product group of businesses with the primary goal of supplying high-quality solar energy products to the UAE market. We provide affordable, high-quality solar products that meet or exceed UAE requirements.

Solar equipment and services from HR Solar are consistently delivered quickly and affordably to your door. Our prompt delivery services have given consumers a degree of happiness that is unmatched.

HR Solar cares about its esteemed clients and works hard to quickly address their issues and provide timely solutions. We are committed to delivering top-notch after-sales support and services in a kind and caring manner. Because our clients are the foundation of our business, we offer customer care help around-the-clock.

In the previous seven plus years, HR Solar has finished more than 1500 projects for customers. We have constantly provided for our clients, from selling solar energy items such solar panels, solar lights, solar inverters, solar batteries, and solar accessories to installation and post-maintenance services.